Frogans Technology Workshop 4

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Doing business with Frogans addresses

Date: April 7, 2015 - 16:00 to 17:00 UTC (6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Paris time)
Place: Online
Language: English

Last update: April 10, 2015.

The workshop is over.

The video recording is not currently available.

Download slides: FTW4-doing-business-with-Frogans-addresses-en-20150407.pdf

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Program of this workshop

This workshop is presented by Philippe Collin, OP3FT, Head of Innovation Fostering, and Tom Mackenzie, OP3FT, Head of Stakeholder Relations.

  1. Getting to know the Frogans project
  2. Browsing Frogans sites (Demo)
  3. New identifiers on the Internet: Frogans addresses and Frogans networks
  4. Becoming an FCR Account Administrator
  5. Opportunities provided in connection with the registering of Frogans addresses and Frogans networks
  6. Questions & Answers

About this workshop

This workshop is a working session that is organized free of charge by the OP3FT, the non-profit organization whose purpose is to hold, promote, protect and ensure the progress of the Frogans technology in the form of an open standard for the Internet available to all users, free of charge.

This workshop is aimed at intellectual property counsels, lawyers, trademark holders, registrars, FCR account administrators and all actors in the world of Intellectual Property who want to find out more about the Frogans project.

How to participate in this workshop

Participation in this workshop is free, but registration is required.

The OP3FT uses Cisco WebEx Training Center for this workshop. To participate, make sure you meet the system requirements. We do not recommend using WebEx on Linux environments as WebEx does not perform well on these systems.

To register and participate in this workshop:

By doing this, you will obtain all the information and links you need to join the workshop remotely.

The OP3FT will only use your E-mail address to keep you updated about the events it organizes.

The workshop will be recorded for broadcasting on this Web site and on video sharing platforms such as Youtube. By participating in the workshop, you authorize the OP3FT to freely use and broadcast the video solely for the purposes of promotion of the Frogans technology.

Helpful links and contact

Are you new to the Frogans technology?

You have questions about this workshop? You wish to propose a new topic for a workshop?

Please send an email to: ftw-registration (at) op3ft (dot) org