Frogans Technology Workshop 2

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Testing the platform for registering Frogans addresses and Frogans networks

Date: December 16, 2014 - 14:30 to 16:30 UTC (3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. Paris time)
Place: Online
Language: French

Last update: December 19, 2014.

The workshop is over.

The video recording of the live stream is not available.

Download slides: FTW2-Testing-platform-for-registering-Frogans-addresses-en-20141216.pdf

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Program of this workshop

This workshop is presented by Romuald Huon, OP3FT, Head of Ecosystem Development, Stéphane Van Gelder, OP3FT, Frogans Project Ambassador, Alexis Tamas, OP3FT, member of the Board of Directors and co-inventor of the Frogans technology, and Gérald Lelarge, STG Interactive, Development Project Manager.

  1. Recap of the Frogans project and Frogans addresses
  2. The role of FCR account administrators as intermediaries between holders and the FCR Operator
  3. Creating and using an FCR account
  4. Manual use via the HTML client (in a Web browser)
  5. Integration of the FCR API in an information system
  6. Using the test platform
  7. Overview of the opening of the FCR
  8. Questions & Answers

About this workshop

This workshop is a working session that is organized free of charge by the OP3FT, the non-profit organization whose purpose is to hold, promote, protect and ensure the progress of the Frogans technology in the form of an open standard for the Internet available to all users, free of charge.

This workshop is aimed at "early" FCR Account Administrators.

How to participate in this workshop

Participation in this workshop is free, however, registration is required as seating is limited.

To register, simply send an email indicating your name to: ftw-registration (at) op3ft (dot) org

The OP3FT will only use your E-mail address to keep you updated about the events it organizes.

Helpful links and contact

Are you new to the Frogans technology?

You have questions about this workshop? You haven't received confirmation of your registration? You wish to propose a new topic for a workshop?

Please send an email to: ftw-registration (at) op3ft (dot) org